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New on-site seminar from IRM

Negative online publicity can be devastating. It can cost you new business and give your competitors an edge they haven't earned. Bad publicity on the Internet, even if it is not accurate can even cause satisfied clients to reconsider their opinion of you. And it doesn't matter if your negative search results are real or imagined; you will be hurt either way.

What can you do about Negative Online Publicity?

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to avoid negative online publicity or to repair your reputation if you have already been defamed.

The key is to make sure that you understand the problem fully and that you use the correct tools and techniques to protect your company or your brand.

The first step to arm your company against Internet defamers is to learn the basic principles of professional online reputation management.

Our company is one of the pioneers of the online reputation management industry. Over the years we have seen the damage done by online defamation and we have also seen how many uniformed victims actually made things worse by taking the wrong action.

We have studied the reason why some companies get negative publicity and others do not and most importantly we have developed certain strategies and techniques that have proven the test of time. We would now like to share this information with those who need it most.

Conduct a seminar for your marketing and brand managers

To communicate this important information to the people who need it most, IRM has developed a new seminar, which we can conduct at your place of business.

The seminar is compact and will run for I hour and 45 minutes and will include a comprehensive Q&A so that all of your manager's questions will be answered in full. All participants will be provided with our proprietary handout material that you can use to protect your company or your brand. An experienced reputation specialist will conduct the seminar. Here are some of the areas that will be covered:
  • Evaluating The Value Of Your Online Reputation
  • Triage: Determining The Severity Of Your Online Reputation Problem
  • Pre-Emptive Solutions: Eliminate The Problem Before It Happens
  • After Defamation: Effective Methods To Repair Your Online Reputation
  • Never Do This! Defensive Tactics To Be Avoided At All Costs
  • The Most Important Thing You Can Do Assure A Good Internet Reputation
  • Do It Yourself Online Reputation Solutions
  • Reputation Protection for Your Company's Future

Seminar clients are also entitled to 3 months free consultation after the seminar date.

For details, or to arrange an online reputation seminar at your company please call Mike Shapiro 718-624-0736 or click here and ask about our seminar when you complete our form.

"A good reputation is more valuable than money."
Publius Syrius

"If a reputation is not carefully preserved it dies quickly."
Baruch Spinoza