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Internet Defamation

What you can do to fight back.

How would you feel if your reputation – or the reputation of your company--was being defamed, day after day, 24 hours a day—and there was nothing you could do to stop it?

That would be enough to get your blood boiling. But how much worse would it be if the defamation you were suffering was totally false or misleading?

Unfortunately, this kind of injustice is all too common and it is happening to more and more people because of the power of the Internet.

It’s easy to lose your reputation
We have a client who built a solid reputation as a consultant. He worked hard and his name was well known in his industry. As a result, prospects would often type his name into Google or Yahoo to find his website.

But when people searched his name, they found something that made them look at our client in a new and unpleasant light.

Years before he was named in a lawsuit brought by a client who sued his company. The truth of the matter was that the client actually brought the lawsuit to avoid paying a large bill. The lawsuit accused our client of unethical behavior and not providing the services specified in his contract. It was a frivolous lawsuit and was subsequently dropped out of court. But the record of the lawsuit, was still sitting on the Internet for all to see. In fact, there were two negative search results, the lawsuit itself and story about the incident in a trade magazine.

A negative internet search can be devastating
That’s when we realized that the Internet was capable of great injustices. Negative search results, even results that aren’t your fault can cause your reputation great harm if your prospects see them published on the Internet.

It takes time to restore a reputation online

Our client didn’t know what to do and we weren’t sure if we could help. But we studied the problem and found that although we could not remove the “blemish” on our client’s reputation, we could move it down the rankings so that it wouldn’t be seen by most Internet searchers.

Your tarnished reputaton can be restored –but not quickly
It took us over six months to solve our client’s problem, but we did it! To do the job we had to use everything we knew about SEO, web site design, social networking, blogging, just about everything in our toolbox.

Reputation Management on the Internet is challenging but bottom line, if you have an Internet search result that you would like neutralized, it can be done. The devasting defamation you are suffering can be neutralized!

Plus, there is an important additional benefit. The search results that we moved up the rankings were all overwhelmingly positive. And because we controlled the content, we were able to craft an overall positive impression for our clients that is balanced and comprehensive.
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"It is easier to cope with a bad conscience than with a bad reputation."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"Reputations are created every day and every minute."
Samuel Butler